Whether you're looking for hands-on, full-service planning or light support while you finalize wedding plans, be it a small elopement or a larger celebration, Bodega Weddings can help you every step of the way. With our support, you'll be able to enjoy the fun aspects of wedding planning while avoiding the stress that can sometimes come with it. All our planning is done with sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind, so that you can look forward to your special day worry-free.

Below are the planning services we currently offer, all of which accommodate for up to 100 guests.

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PLANNING & ConsulTation

If you’re planning on doing most of the heavy lifting, but simply need some support along the way, we’re here to help. From finding the perfect venue for you and sourcing vendors to managing invitations or creating a master timeline, we’ll work to ensure that every detail is organized and thought through. Thanks to our support and expertise, you can focus on the areas of wedding planning that interest you the most.


All of your plans are in place, everything is ready to go, but you just need someone to come in and take care of business while you dance the night away. That’s when we come in.

With our hands-on approach to coordination and our project management expertise, we’ll be on-site, from set-up to break-down, to make sure that everything is under control while you enjoy your day.

All packages can be tailored to your personal needs and budget. Contact us for more detailed information on services and pricing.